Interactive Response System

(Student Response System, Interactive Voting System, Classroom Response System, etc)

Voting System

Interactive remote control is an innovative, multifunction, cost-effective technology, it makes not only teachers and students have excellent interaction but also makes each student participate in class actively. Through Interactive remote controls, user could plan multiple-choice questions with rich media design on the screen, including texts, images, videos and audios. The reaction of students will be responded by pressing one button on their assigned remote controls. One classroom only needs a computer, the system collects all results automatically and instantly, giving instant reports which the detail of students' performance in each classroom, informing teachers and school administration.


Remote control is easy to carry and is not limited by place, in addition, it makes the vote in meeting and train of staff and other activities become more convenient. IRS system could collect the number of votes and display the result, increasing the efficient of meeting. Besides, IRS system with self-developed software, so user could directly vote, and immediately analysis, statistics and performance.


IRS Introduction



  Interactive Response System has nine activity modes which are Evaluation(it has correct answers and can gather statistics and students’ test/exam result, Speed Test(a response from the student via the handset but only the person who responds the fastest with the correct answer), Problem-Solving(the student who responds the quickest to be invited to expand on their answer orally), Student QA(the students can use the voting system to register their desire to respond to a question), PowerPoint Presentation(the use of a PowerPoint presentation with embedded questions to form the activity), Marking Test (provides students with synchronized answering mode for the use of formal testing and questionnaire. Students can answer according to their speed), Voting (students can respond with their handsets in real time), Elimination (Only the students that get the answer correct can move onto the next round and have the opportunity to answer the following question), Live Annotation (the teacher use the annotation tools to create questions on the fly, then the students respond to the annotation questions). Interactive Response System can not only change the traditional and one-way communication but also help teachers and parents tracking students’ study plan.




  Multiple statistic graph

IRS provides the bar chart, instant answer, detail choice of all students. Teachers can view the statistic graph. Teacher can see real time statistic graph to better understanding each students learning performance.